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May 2013

@wepay thanks - that’s a shame as your platform looks perfect for our app…

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@WePay when are you going to launch in the UK?

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The “plain english” bit on WePay’s legal page is nice - more companies do this please!

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rightnow6music “Soul Finger” by The Bar-Kays #nowplaying #6music

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@femfreq can you upload it to vimeo instead?

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Hotline Miami, for a handful of English pounds? BUY IT NOW

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kickstarter It’s official! Over 100K projects have launched on Kickstarter. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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kolbisneat Because I like to keep everything tidy, here are all three #cornetto trilogy pieces in one handy location…

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I like this flickr placeholder image generator

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“Searching” by Emika is my new jam.

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@ericbratislava you need to make a teleport film with the portal gun!

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GreatDismal The new Globe&Mail story that has Canadian eyeballs out on stems

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Got to go and see Totoro at the Watershed this week

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Off to the Wellington then, for beer.

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FelicityMorse Hilary Clinton trouser suit rainbow. It’s just kind of great. I don’t know why.

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@gocardless is it possible to edit a plan to change the cost/start date? If so, how?

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“Pretty sure I would”
“Holy fuck that sounds awesome”

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wonderlandblog 3dprinted moebius Mario seen at makerfaire…

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waxpancake The first compelling reason to go to Times Square: LEGO’s insane 1:1 scale X-Wing.

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brianblessed SQUADRON 40! DIIIIVEEEE! RT @brianmaycom: SAVE THE BADGER! - Plse RT everywhere

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trullock @robmanuel you’ll like this

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“Polaroid” by Laugh & Peace is my new jam.

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profbrucehood Filming tomorrow in the At-Bristol Science museum. If you got a 3-5 year-old bring ‘em along

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“Space Oddity” by Commander Chris Hadfield (ISS) is my new jam. (via @unfortunatalie)

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marcuschown Since Tories must persuade the 99% to vote for a party that benefits only 1%, by necessity they must lie pretty much all the time.

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iainbroome If there’s one day the Sheffield Half Marathon website shouldn’t go down, it’s the day of the Sheffield Half Marathon.

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Youth In Revolt: a great film

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simonfeilder Hey guess what, online forms? My ‘daytime phone number’ is the same as my ‘evening phone number’ & my ‘mobile’ because it’s 2013 not Mad Men

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Drupal + mailchimp + mandrill = magical :)

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#GoCardless is great. Here’s a referral link - sign up and get £50 off

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nodenpm gocardless (0.1.0): A Node.JS wrapper for the GoCardless API

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“curating” @thisisyoke’s spotify playlist :)

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The spotify web player is actually pretty cool

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AccessibleBrstl Want to make your website or app more accessible? Tweet us your questions throughout the day! #GAAD

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ericbratislava who fancies a FREE trip to #Dublin? Please APPLY, spread, share, RT. i thank you. #dublin48 #ireland

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“Stroll” by Azumi Inoue is my new jam.

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MaryTracy Nazi Germany vs. Modern Britain: Some Similarities That Should Disturb You by @scriptonitedaily

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What happened to @getfractal? The site is gone…

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Adobe really “value your privacy and trust”.

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The charts in google docs are rather lovely

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Northernnat We’ve got a couple of cracking jobs going at Breast Cancer Care: Drupal Web Developer….

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The @twitter #apipocalypse has been postponed - API v1 Retirement Date Extended to June 11, 2013

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@mister_norm you need a better sword! have you got a lollipop farm yet?

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@mister_norm are you playing it?

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Find out how long until your next @thisismyjam anniversary: #jamiversary

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To buy a better sword or more lollipops? That is the question.

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Milla’s school is closed for #polling, so it’s take your daughter to work for a bit day today.

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Gotta get this book! You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

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Please let there be a radio edit for I Fink U Freeky by Die Antwoord

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