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April 2013

“I Heard Ramona Sing” by Frank Black is my new jam.

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rebeccawatson The Australian Christian Lobby forgot to renew their domain & this happened:

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WHY?! RT @rightnow6music “I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Dublo Dubstep Remix)” by Marvin Gaye #nowplaying #6music

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Shaun of the Dead soundtrack on the office stere-ere-o.

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RellyAB $10 will buy you a rambling confused and unintentionally humorous account of my time at Drupalcon.

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Shoulda gone with “Greatest Muddy Funster”. Or “Greatest Melon Farmer” :)

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Oh that “Greatest Living Creature” song is rather nice, I’ll get the album and play it to the kids.

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“GMF” by John Grant is my new jam.

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chunkymark #wheresdaddyspig It’s pig time don’t let them sell the NHS

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Those eyes… I’d swear they were following me around this room. Ah, forget it, it’s nothing.

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About 30% of people in the UK have a paypal account, says this

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These micro-scale lego star wars scenes are too cute

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@edgarwright have you seen the Shaun Of The Dead swearing supercut?

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justtheswearing Lovely new Game of Thrones #swearing #supercut at #GameOfThrones

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Beschizza Excellent.

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monkeymountain #RETRO! Jankenpon - beat the jan ken pon masters and save the world! quick!

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monkeymountain #RETRO! Vingt Et Un

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monkeymountain #RETRO! Pintpuntpuke - how many pints he can drink before puking?

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That @monkeymountain is having a 10-year #retro clearout

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What’s the point of @twitter #music if you can’t listen to a whole song?

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davidoreilly History has been made.

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Solr Autocomplete is so very cool

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mintsauce Interesting article from Product design director: “You don’t design something like Facebook Home using Photoshop.”

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The video on feels like the beginning of a Black Mirror episode…

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“Re-Animator” by Richard Band is my new jam.

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kickstarter “I hope this post opens the eyes of creative people everywhere to the opportunities available to them.”

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@anna_debenham I’ve got that one - there are some great pictures :)

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@grayl0 why wouldn’t you charge for that?

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“The Twitter REST API v1 will officially retire on Tuesday, May 7, 2013” #notetoself

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teardrop_lisa make programming fun again

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Pirate maps - they even made olde worlde streetview :)

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I love Professor Layton, but all this dungeon crawling is a pain in the arse.

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Hate that “More from the web” crap? Just block

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It’s beetlejuice. It’s minecraft. It’s… #wubwubwub

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feather Accessibility isn’t about building web sites for assistive technologies, but about building for people that may use assistive technologies.

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jessicard o m g this is a geocities theme for bootstrap

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