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February 2013

kissane The ubiquitous peer surveillance is about to hit the fan. (via @beep)

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@revstu they’re not stored in files, they’re in a database

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@handheldconf I *stumbled upon* the eventbrite page :)

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rightnow6music “I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow” by The Soggy Bottom Boys #nowplaying #6music

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Handheldconf Just released a further 50 earlybird tickets

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Half an hour until @handheldconf tickets go on sale…

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_SpikeIsland Cast, mould and carve edible sculptures with chocolate clay at this Saturday’s free I am Making Art workshop

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b3ta_links Headtracking demo using javascript: Just messing around with the headtrackr javascript library. https://git

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Lazer Possibly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

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Great write up RT @ThisIsMyJam A behind-the-scenes look at the design and tech behind our new jam backgrounds:

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Back To The Future lorem ipsum generator

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envhack We are pleased to announce env[:hack], hacking for a better place. March 16th/17th at the University of Bristol. See

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I just backed Wonderbeasts : An interactive inky artwork on @Kickstarter You should do this too.

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I hope they do a bit about Richard Jacques

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I just backed From Bedrooms to Billions on @Kickstarter

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Listening to Lust by Depth Charge. With a cup of tea.

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johannabasford This is not your average @kickstarter project - the search for co-creators continues! #Wonderbeasts

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Check out @KNITTERSTREAM! making tweets look good since 2012 via @SidLee

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Enormous panoramic photo of London. Is awesome.

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@anna_debenham ‘Sometimes referred to as the “third screen.”’. That’s clear then.

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@Indicia 6 out of 5. Would look at it again. A+++++.

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@toomanytigers fancy a nice glass of wine myself. And some cake.

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Wish my bus journey was longer so I could finish this by Hilary Mantel

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“More Beats and Pieces” by Coldcut is my new jam.

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@toomanytigers lots of exciting things are happening. I will tell you all about them over coffee and/or beer. Delete as applicable.

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Just picked up a parcel from an Amazon Locker. Feel very futuristic.

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Indicia We’ve got a new website and plenty to say. Award-winning customer engagement, that’s us. Check it out!

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@thisismyjam any plans for an ios/android app?

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“Suddenly, rough hands gripped his package…”

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Where’s the ‘load more tweets’ button gone in mobile twitter? Eh?

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rightnow6music “Think” by Aretha Franklin #nowplaying #6music

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This is my favourite one (without all the intro gubbins)

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How many different versions of Lana Del Rey’s Kinda Outta Luck are there on youtube? A lot.

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Black Mirror has given me the creeps

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Kickstarter’s annual report makes for interesting reading

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johnmaeda “10% of films at Sundance made with @kickstarter funding.” via @cadler

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Everyone’s favourite character in Wreck-it Ralph? Q*bert.

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This RT @hollybrocks Having to pause the awesome song you were listening to so you can watch an amazing video #FirstWorldProblems

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“A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash via @HMXhenry

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TheresaTaylor_ If anyone needs help on deleting removing user on your saved search. You guys should follow @savedsearches trust me it works :)

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@theresataylor_ I think I just needed to follow you back…

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TheDaintySquid This is literally my favorite video on the whole internet right now (@BadLipReading )

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All websites should have a credits page. This is a great example

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“Say My Name/Cry Me A River” by The Neighbourhood is my new jam.

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