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November 2012

That is really creepy.

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iamdanw A site that shows instagram photos with a streetview of their geotag. It’s a streetview of someones home creepily often

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paulrouget Dune II (game) compiled to JavaScript with Emscripten:

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My hat is black, but it still fits the acronym. Happy #bbd12 everyone!

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monkeymountain Robocop vs Alec Empire

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shervin Farmer denied permit to build horse shelter. So he builds giant table & chairs which don’t need permit. I love this.

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Didn’t know that Jesus was really a tousle-haired little Apollo. Thanks, #bbcfour

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“Sweat” by Shizuo is my new jam. ♫

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It’s that Amen break again, isn’t it?

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This programme about rubbish on #bbcfour is fascinating.

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@grayl0 are you going to the underscore christmas party?

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PhantomCSS looks really interesting…

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casperjs_org PhantomCSS: Integration of js-imagediff with PhantomJS & CasperJS for automated visual regression testing

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Dexter, then bed.

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@gnat nice, but they didn’t even link to !

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monkeymountain “Have you ever been kissed by a girl like this?”

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Kotaku Here’s a devastating account of the crap women in the games business have to deal with. In 2012. #1reasonwhy

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RT @RobLoBue Love what @jcrew have done on their online store with the occasional moving model:

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ThePoke If there’s one fence you don’t want to climb, it’s this one. (via @TeaAndCopy)

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“Dead By Dawn” by Depth Charge is my new jam. ♫

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@benjiwhitley thanks, I decided to join the responsive age.

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Happy freelance day! #nfd2012 ☢◡☢

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FitVids for Drupal has over 800 installs!

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On my way to Cardiff for #handheldconf

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@theweebl It’s a box of dicks. Why have you got a box of dicks?

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“Trash Tongue Talker” by Jack White is my new jam. ♫

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New! see all the comments! on #thatwasmyjam ♫♫♫

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ballardian “Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply…” Incredible drone’s-eye view of London via @joseph_grima

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A few improvements to #thatwasmyjam including comments

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@spyou let’s just have both days then :)

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@spyou thought that was next wednesday…

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Brilliant RT @JoshuaDavis here are the amazing opening titles by @SNASKsthlm for @OFFFest /

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dansolo smart creative activism—>RT @UKuncut: On Dec 8th turn your local Starbucks into a refuge from the cuts!

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ToastMaster The timeline of @realDonaldTrump is a joy to read. It’s like when the bad guy in Scoobie Doo has a rant before going to jail

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I want to watch The Producers.

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That was my constructive comment for the day.

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Put a button on the #6music website, and if enough people click it, skip to the next track.

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“The Truth” by Handsome Boy Modeling School is my new jam. ♫

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“Soul Finger” by The Bar-Kays is my new jam. ♫

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thelonggoodread Bryan Cranston: ‘I had to take my character from Mr Chips to Scarface’ #longreads

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