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October 2012

Who wants an Underscore Christmas Bash?

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Cool - @appfog now has redis and rabbitmq

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TimOfLegend Actual photo of Disney happily welcoming the classic LucasArts adventure properties into their family!

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marcuschown Greed before our health

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Harrison_Peter Y U NO VISIT ANYMORE?

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“65 percent of children entering grade school this year will end up working in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.” @DIY

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Yeah! RT @spyou Hey Bristol, it’s Nation Freelance Day on the 21st of November. Should we celebrate?

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Working from home today. One of the boys is poorly :(

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Watch out for the “Goodbye Kitty” gravestone (^×ェ×^)

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Glad we went to see Frankenweenie and not Hotel Transylvania

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@twombh no thanks, they’re evil ಠ_ಠ

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@twombh ooh, I’ve caught some lovely spiders this week. And there was even a centipede in the bath.

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Right, bed. Looking forward to @webdevconf tomorrow :)

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Hunted is good. And not just because Niobe from #rome and Mr Eko from #lost are in it.

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LettersOfNote Possibly the most useful list I’ve ever seen:

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Who’s going to @webdevconf tomorrow?

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drearyagent Private Eye on spectacularly good form this week…

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Very clever RT @andypanix May be useful: Holder.js - client side image placeholders #javascript

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Titus Pullo stealing all the scenes in Dexter

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I am, you are, we are crazy… ♫

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Lovely bit of games writing

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Made a couple of updates to thatwasmyjam

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OccupyLondon Hello @StarbucksUK. This is an interesting development. NO TAX for 3 years, yet you have coffee shops on every corner. B in touch #occupy

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@bensteers fantastic, isn’t it? If only all web comics could be like that…

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Watching the boys play football against Bishop Road. Lovely blue sky.

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tbertz wanna see a fella riding 2012 tour de france winning bike like its a trials? Course you do, ace bristol bit 2mins in;

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FFS sunset is not a verb.

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Just had my first casualty of the twitter api changes…

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humble Pay what you want for eight amazing books in our first ever Humble eBook Bundle! Multi-format and DRM-free!

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danthat Amazing BBC Game Builder thing for kids. Looks neat:

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Last night’s @_skillswap was pretty epic - learnt a lot about mobile dev.

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Right, off to @_skillswap we go

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@joevallender here’s the radio thing . Also made a #6music one.

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brisusability Come to “People, not process - the secret of being heard” with Ian Fenn. 24th October. A free UX talk in Bristol.

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GdnPolitics Hundreds of private contracts signed in ‘biggest ever act of NHS privatisation’

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pingdom BBC’s sites are served from 80 web servers in two data centers, said @b3cft #VelocityConf

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New Dexter. So excited!

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Just got one of these hexaflexagons to work, and now I’m laughing out loud, like a loon

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“Taking Some Time On” by Barclay James Harvest is my new jam. ♫

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BBC being very slow at updating their nowplaying data. For #6music anyway.

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savedsearches Stats for September 2012 - 115 searches deleted.

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