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June 8th, 2012

brad_frost It’s 2012. At the very least a project should have mobile consideration, at the very most you should be optimizing the shit out of mobile.

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TIL that “bley” is, like, actually a real colour?

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Aren’t there any vigilante liner-uppers for this kind of thing? /via @verkoren

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Star trails… so pretty.

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@toomanytigers — yes, well. Might use @monkeymountain instead… Is too complicated with multiple accounts - wish you could merge them.

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Has your linkedin password been cracked? Check it at

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@toomanytigers I kept being mistaken for a fictional lawyer…

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@toomanytigers - aimed at children (pester power!) or parents?

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Duh, wrong link. Old games: Game deaths: - both are great.

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